Post Surgical Over The Counter Wound & Scar Healing Products

Post Surgical Over The Counter Wound & Scar Healing Products


Are you about to undergo plastic surgery? Have you just had an operation? Are you worried about the scars you might get from even the most careful surgeons? Many people undergo plastic surgery to achieve massive weight loss, improve self-image/self-esteem, ease psychological trauma from an accident/disease, or for many other reasons. Sometimes, patients forget about the post-surgical procedures they must follow to maximize their results. In this article, we will talk more about scars and wound healing and how you can speed up the healing process.

Skin wounds due to surgical procedures or minor accidents can lead to devastating outcomes. Many physicians recommend the addition of several vitamins and minerals to be incorporated in a person’s diet due to their ability to accelerate the wound healing process. Along with adequate supplementation of these nutrients, it is important to maintain proper rest in order to allow the wound to receive a sufficient amount of energy needed to successful heal. Wound care is an important issue that should be taken seriously in order to prevent further complications. Here are a few vitamins and minerals that can be taken to aid in the healing process and minimize scars.

Vitamin A is required for epithelial cell growth, which is a very important in the healing process. Vitamin A also activates the production of collagen and assists with the formation of new blood cells.
Vitamin B12 enhances protein synthesis and increases the amount of repair cell at the surgical or injured site. Vitamin B12 also may act as a growth factor.
Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen synthesis which is important for strengthening and tissue recovery. Vitamin C also assists in immunologic response and maneuvers monocytes to the injured site.
Zinc deficiency delays wound healing. Zinc serves as a cofactor for numerous reactions vital to healing wounds.
Iron deficiency impairs wound healing. Iron increases the amount of oxygen available to the injury site which allows more cells to migrate
Copper plays a role in collagen cross-linking and is known to stimulate angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels) in wounds
Selenium increases cell movement and wound healing by preventing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in tissues.
L-Arginine increases local blood flow to the wound site and increases collagen deposition.
L-Glutamine plays a role in protein synthesis and increases collagen deposition.
Bromelain cleans injured tissue without damaging surrounding normal tissue. Bromelain also allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to the damaged site.
Chlorella stimulates healing by increasing the rate of new cell production.
Calendula plays a major role in a rapid increase in the number of fibroblasts and the migration of fibroblasts to the site of injury. Fibroblasts, a type of connective tissue, infiltrate the wound site and attempt to repair it.
Grape seed extract releases skin growth factor and accelerates the wound healing cascade.
Turmeric contains an ingredient called curcumin that is known for its’ wound healing abilities. It protects the injury from infection, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the reconstruction of damaged tissues.

Using any one of these supplements is the first step toward speeding up wound healing. Using multiple supplements, although taking a bunch of pills is not ideal, greatly improves the chances of minimizing scarring and speeding up healing. Most people cannot afford to buy 10 to 14 supplements or would be willing to take 10 to 14 pills a day so Woundvite was made.

Woundvite is the first daily vitamin supplement created solely for wound and scar healing. It is the only supplement with all of these ingredients although other supplements may contain some combination of the ingredients.


Zen Nutrients is dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements that can be found on the planet. By combining industry knowledge with simplistic ingredients, their products speak for themselves and stand alone in the continuing epic of natural and healthy treatment.

These supplements are GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, expertly designed in a certified cGMP facility, and crafted in the USA.

Written by Zen Project Manager, Matthew Banther