6 Natural Ingredients for Wound Relief & Healing

6 Natural Ingredients for Wound Relief & Healing

Wound care has been a topic in medicine since the early Greeks of 800 B.C. and yet there are topical treatments and medications alike within the industry that simply produce masking and/or temporary relief solutions. Our skin is the largest organ on the body, and thus is prone to all types of accidental injury and scarring; however, our skin has amazing elasticity and healing structure built into our genetic make-up — with the assistance of some non-invasive, high bio-available ingredients, wound care and relief can easily be obtained without multiple visits to specialist, increasing your insurance coverage, or emptying your back account.

#1 Garlic

Garlic has natural forming antibacterial compounds that have been used time and time again through history to help with natural remedies. Allicin, one of nature’s most potent antibiotics, can ward off bacteria that could otherwise damage your cellular structure and your body as a whole. Garlic’s natural sulfur compounds, such as thiacremonone, have skin drying agents to prevent oil build up but more relevant sulfur is a great anti-inflammatory.

#2 Chlorella

Chlorella, meaning both small and green in ancient Greek, was used tirelessly throughout the Mediterranean in natural remedies to help with wound and scar damage. In relation to our wound healing and repair neutraceutical Woundvite, Chlorella and CGF have been shown to stimulate both plant and animal cells to reproduce at an accelerated rate. Chlorella is the green algae of the phylum Chlorophyta and in recent studies has shown to have had healing benefits from both topical and oral application.

#3 Green Tea

Epigallocatechin Gallate (much easier to be referred to ECCG) is a potent antioxidant found through Green Tea that is known to have healing properties. Used for 1,000’s of years throughout China, Green Tea ECCG antioxidants have been used in the cleansing of toxins and the neutralizing of bacteria from the gut to the skin in traditional medicine. Aside from these powerful effects, the naturally forming astringent properties help diminish inflammation, help heal wounds, and repair scar damage.

#4 Grape Seed

During research at Ohio State University, it was shown that the effects of Grape Seed Extract on wounds was extraordinary. Alongside traditional saline, Grape Seed Extract was tested against other herbal remedies on wounds; in conclusion, they found in comparison that Grape Seed Extract, in fact, sped up the process of healing the wounds by days. Grapes have been a staple in traditional treatment in Europe for thousands of years. Polyphenols found in Grape Seed have been shown to improve the condition of connective tissue and the elasticity of the skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acid in Grape Seed improves the moisture and the barriers of the skin cells, showing beneficial effects for healing and scar recovery.

#5 Ginseng

Used for over a millennia in eastern traditional medicine — Ginseng has healing properties that range from anti-inflammatory, vitalization, scarring recovery, and much more. In relation to its property values within our Immunological Booster Onco-Vits compounds have been shown to accelerate neovascularization in burn wounds and increased vascular endothelial growths. In short, it’s amazing properties that have made this ingredient a staple in all eastern medicine will speed up the healing process found for all types of wounds and will help heal scarring from stretch marks, surgical scars, atrophic, hypertrophic and much more.

#6 Turmeric

Curcumin found in turmeric can help wounds simply by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. Lowering the response of your body to cutaneous wounds, resulting in a faster healing process for your body.

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Written by Zen Project Manager, Matthew Banther